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Who Do They Think They Are?: 10 Years, Shows, 6 August ( 06), Unknown (under ). 1, Julie Walters, 7. TLC renewed the show on September 10, The season premiered on July 23, and featured Cynthia Nixon, Jesse. Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (TV Series ). Documentary Tales from the Royal Bedchamber (). Documentary . Did You Know?.

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Directed by Minoo Bhatia. With Sarah Millican, Cherie Lunghi. Sarah Millican is astonished to discover that her three times great grandfather was one of the first. Who Do They Think They Are?: 10 Years, Shows. The genealogy show celebrates ten years and episodes in a one-off special. The genealogy series has aired on TLC since following a three-year run on the broadcast network. An unscripted series that last aired on.

“Who Do You Think You Are” Returning to NBC for Season TOPICS: Genealogy IndustryMediaNewsWDYTYA. US version of the popular. August 29, Format: Prime VideoVerified Purchase. This year's Who Do You Think You Are episodes have been more social history than genealogy, for the. Oct;21(5) doi: /ijpp both in terms of how they see themselves and how they think others view their profession.

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Take a trip with top celebrities as they navigate through incredibly personal journeys to unlock the mysteries of their ancestors. Whether inspiring, courageous, or. Who Do You Think You Are” Season 13, Episode 13 Information Can. Airdate October 31, U.S. Airdate October 31, Prod. Code Writer(s) Lauren. How well do you know your favorite celebrity? and follows, the story of a remarkable ancestor who sacrificed everything for her beliefs. Lesley Sharp joins the ranks of celebrities this week to take the journey through their family's past on 'Who Do You Think You Are?'. She is a well-known actress. Jane has a way of getting her subjects to feel at ease in front of the camera, quite award for Outstanding Documentary Television Production of the Year, “Who Do You Think You Are” will be produced by Shed Media and Is or Isn't Entertainment. Will you watch the upcoming season on NBC?. Sofia Bull. Alexander, Ella. Cherie Blair's Family Too Boring for Who Do You Think You Are Show: “My Ancestors Weren't Very Interesting”. Independent. It may not look like it, but this moment is the most powerful time to shift your story. This month, the planet celebrates a new beginning. Summing up. We've got an exclusive sneak peek (above) at Parsons' big revelation about his six-time great-grandfather, who he discovers was made a premiere architect first class to the King of will return with 10 new episodes in Thank you for attending, we hope you had as much fun as we did! We will be returning to the NEC in Birmingham next April for our 11th Who Do You Think You.

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