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Loud clunking noise when accelerating

The noise came and went for a while. Two weeks ago, the car started making louder repetitive clunking noises (as if something is hitting. When I'm at a stop and then floor the accelerator pedal, a big ka-THUNK sound comes from the engine bay. I have noticed over the last couple months, that sometimes, when I put it from park into drive or from reverse into drive, a thunk or clunk noise.

clunk when accelerating from coast

However, just last night my car suddenly started making a very loud clunking noise when I press the gas pedal in drive. It starts loudest when I. Q: I am experiencing what I think to be transmission problems. After accelerating from a near stop, my SUV has clunking sounds coming from. Clicking, crunching, and clunking are all sounds you don't want to hear. Sometimes a car makes a loud noise on acceleration or you might find your car.

Van has clicking axle but also on any forward thrust clunks loudly also has donut on front and whine noise when accelerating is bald Reply 1. I assume that when you get the noise, the acceleration is compromised, yes? I would tend to agree with your father. The transfer case chain. i have a Boxster S with MT. It happened 3 to 4 times today when accelerating from a dead stop there was a loud clunking sound behind.

There is a loud clunk when I turn left only when accelerating. If I push in the clutch and just turn the wheel there is no noise. ball joint. I have been noticing a 'clunk' feeling/noise when transitioning It progressively becoming louder and started happening at higher speeds. If I try to accelerate at anything other than a snails pace in first or second the bike makes a loud clunking noise and it feels like the chain is.

when i accelerate and change gear 1st - 2nd - 3rd i can hear like a hollow clunk noise (its probably there in 4th and 5th to but can hear due to. The clunk will happen almost immediately upon acceleration It is not a clutch/ trans noise since it will happen with the clutch in or out on the right turn. Is there. When I accelerate medium to hard, I get a nice loud CLUNK from the rear of my RS. I've heard it could be the panhard bar or the bushings. Your transmission is necessary in order for your car to operate correctly, and if you start to hear it make a clunking noise, you have good reason to become. A loud rattling noise coming from under your If your car is screeching, but only when you accelerate. Does anyone notice a clunk noise when accelerating hard? Noise is coming from the underside front passenger side. It sounds like a heavy. There is a loud clunk (and you can feel it) sometimes whilst driving when the car in the transmission and when it engages, it makes the noise. Ok, I'm getting a light “clunking” noise from the front end. same problem here, i wouldnt say its a loud clunk but i can definately here it from. Clunk sound coming from under and behind when accelerating slow from a stop or turn .. It is making a loud clunk or more like BANG while driving in traffic. The clunking starts as I accelrate and dies away after It also happens over small bumps and any road imperfection. I can feel it in my feet.

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