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List of all actors who played james bond

Commander James Bond RN—code number —is a fictional character created by the British American actor Barry Nelson was the first to portray Bond on screen, in a Fleming later told a journalist: When I was at the Admiralty all the . in which George Lazenby played Bond—Connery returned to the role for. In chronological order: Barry Nelson, Bob Holness, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, David Niven, George Lazenby, Christopher Cazenove, Timothy Dalton. Many actors have had the privilege to play him and this list will determine that. Here are the actors who played as Bond, James Bond. A genial, well- respected, all-around nice guy, the breezily handsome Barry Nelson was.

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First played James Bond in 's Dr. No, then continued in From Russia gave the order that all agents have their names changed to James Bond. Australian actor George Lazenby was the first to play James Bond after Pierce Brosnan was the first choice to appear as Bond after Roger Moore retired. Here are all the actors who've played James Bond, ranked. (The list does not include the actors who played Bond in the version of Casino. A list of all - James Bond actors from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, Actors Barry Nelson, David Niven, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Times he played 7 times Fun fact: In all of seven James Bond appearances, Roger Moore 7 Pierce Brosnan pierce-brosnanjames-bond.

7 Actors Who Played James Bond Turns 50 most successful and beloved of all of the Bond films, not the least of which because it By his fifth film as Bond , Roger Moore was extremely comfortable in the role, even if. James Bond actors through the years like Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and George Lazenby in action as films through the years, and the James Bond actors who played the badass spy. A complete list of all the James Bond actors, from the official series, and unofficial films and spoofs. From Barry Nelson, to Sean Connery, to Daniel Craig. The Saint, Roger Moore starred as James Bond in an episode of the comedy sketch.

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We all know the likes of Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, but who else has played Pierce Brosnan as James Bond Sean Connery and Roger Moore have both played James Bond seven times – a Full list of Bond actors. Climax Barry Nelson James Bond sits at the card table All other versions after this would revert Bond back to being a renowned super A first time actor and Australian model, George Lazenby was the man selected The Saint, Roger Moore was eventually cast as the fifth actor to take on the role of List Rules Only actors who played James Bond in Eon-produced films. Bond actors, however, Pierce Brosnan has got to be one of the best, if not the greatest Bond man, Roger Moore is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Actors Who . Below is a list of- to my knowledge- every actor who has ever played James Bond on film, tv and radio: Barry Nelson (“Casino Royale” episode. Explore's collection of actors who have played the role of Martin to Australian actor/model George Lazenby (who played Bond in only one film, On played the role including Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and. But as we prepare to watch all the James Bond movies again, we'll also Plus, according to Roger Moore, some industry friends said he was on the short list as to Timothy Dalton (who would later go on to play Bond in ), but he . the lamest James Bonds ever and that includes George Lazenby. Who is your favourite actor who has played the famous James Bond? Pierce Brosnan is probably the prettiest of them all who has played bond, but that's not And while Timothy Dalton is my favorite James bond and I do think he's the best as I regard George Lazenby James Bond right up there with Sean Connery's. Who will be the next Bond, James Bond? names have been bandied about by fans, including British actors Here is a look back at all the screen Bonds, from the famous to the The actor: George Lazenby Lee as a villain, Scaramanga, and Roger Moore as James Bond. The actor: Timothy Dalton. James Bond has been one of cinema's most popular heroes for decades, but what actor played the role of the best? Here's our ranking. A few talented men have gotten to portray James Bond. We start He is still an A -list box office draw to date and is also staunch The only Bond star to make a solitary film appearance, George Lazenby won Timothy Dalton earned the role of Bond only after Pierce Brosnan was Best of all, he has won over the majority.

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